Sutton House Welcome Sign Embroidery 2015-2016

web_welcome sign version


In 2015 I was commissioned by National Trust to create a welcome sign for Sutton House. The creative process was informed by a series of workshops with the ‘Recycled Teenagers’ community group, who generated ideas for the design. The use of embroidery was a deliberate reference to Sutton House’s historical associations with fabrics, from the 17th Century silk merchants, to lace making Hugenots, to the sampler stitching Georgian girls school students who lived, worked and studied within. The final work was hand stitched (and brought to life!) in 2016 by Alanna Pinho and Sarah, both embroidery students at London College of Fashion. The finished article now hangs in the hallway as an original and relevant contemporary artefact of the house, and a new detail in it’s ongoing narrative as a living/experienced element of local history. A weather proof print of the original hangs outside too, for passers by to notice and enjoy.


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Bog Off! Puppet Workshop, Sutton House (February 2015)

In February I ran a puppet workshop across three days at my local National Trust site Sutton House. The work was a response to a project run by Golden Spies, around the House Garderobe (Tudor convenience)- the oldest toilet in Hackney. Apparently it was built for a royal visit by King Henry 8th himself! I chose pound shop cleaning utensils as materials for the participating children, who created wild and wondrous results…

Sutton House Family Activity Book (May/June 2015)

I made a 16 page kids activity book for my local National Trust site Sutton House. I had lots of ideas but limited space and time, so kept it simple. The artwork is now being formatted by Jade Wheaton of the Cargo Collective, and will be published soon!


The Breaker’s Yard Signage (Sutton House) 2014


In the summer of 2014 I painted the signage for a new conceptual garden at The National Trust’s Sutton House. The site is a Tudor House in Hackney, where the garden was used as an industrial site for many years. The project is a collaboration between The National Trust, The House of Fairy Tales and artist and gardener Dan Lobb. I heartily recommend a visit!

Mathematics Mastery: Chalkboard Installations (Nov. 2014)

I was commissioned to decorate two rooms in an immersive theatre fund raiser and educational project for All Saints ARK Academy in South London. The project focused on Maths Mastery; a programme making leaps and bounds in the teaching of maths in schools  using visual language as it’s prime communication tool. It was my job to cover the walls with mathematical equations and diagrams. I learnt more about maths in the week I was there than I ever did in five years of secondary school!

The Big Draw 2014: Pavement Art at Museum Of Childhood

In October 2014, I worked on The Big Draw’s anniversary celebration of classic comic characters ‘Pip Squeak and Wilfred’. I chose pavement art as a theme, as there are several references to this way of working in the comic strip, as well as other elements of British street life. Hundreds of participants grabbed some chalk and made their mark on the paving outside the museum. The sun shined all day and the street came to life with pictures,created by adults and children alike! More details here:

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Hampton Court Garden Design Animation

Here’s an animation for a pitch to create a child centred play garden in Hampton Court in. The brief was a collaboration between Dan Lobb, DaviesWhite and The House Of Fairy Tales. The animation was by Room 60. I drew some concept art work,  and then the assets for the first minute (i.e. the parchment/ ye olde looking intro). click the link for more details: