Sutton House Welcome Sign Embroidery 2015-2016

web_welcome sign version

In 2015 I was commissioned by National Trust to create a welcome sign for Sutton House. The creative process was informed by a series of workshops with the ‘Recycled Teenagers’ community group, who generated ideas for the design. The use of embroidery was a deliberate reference to Sutton House’s historical associations with fabrics, from the 17th Century silk merchants, to lace making Hugenots, to the sampler stitching Georgian girls school students who lived, worked and studied within. The final work was hand stitched (and brought to life!) in 2016 by Alanna Pinho and Sarah, both embroidery students at London College of Fashion. The finished article now hangs in the hallway as an original and relevant contemporary artefact of the house, and a new detail in it’s ongoing narrative as a living/experienced element of local history. A weather proof print of the original hangs outside too, for passers by to notice and enjoy.