Bloomberg Earth Day Installation (April 2012)

As part of Bloomberg London’s Earth Day 2012 programme, I was commissioned by Arts Co. to create an installation alongside illustrated info-graphics. I am often preoccupied by the idea of refuse, artefacts and pollution in an archeological sense within my work, especially in relationship to mythologies and pop culture references. These are materials I use to explore narratives around world history.  In my Aquarium installation imagery from the pre historical, classical and the Industrial worlds collide submerged, to create a diorama timeline of humanity’s impact on the environment. I was particularly interested in working with images of the water bearer as a classical trope, the shocking scale and nature of the pacific gyre and the irony of how cleaning products, become pollutants at an intrinsic level within the natural world. The incredibly talented Hollie Miller joined me to enact the role of The Water Bearer.

Aquarium close ups Aquarium close ups Aquarium close ups Aquarium close ups Earth Day Installation


Ice Age Los Angeles

Here’s a series of sketches I drew in LA over Thanksgiving 2013. Definitely influenced by visits to The Tar Pits and James Turrell expo we saw whilst there, mixed with the general new age vibe that hangs over the city.

web_ice1 web_ice2 web_ice3 web_ice4 web_ice5 web_ice6

I painted the assets for a new set of ‘Charleys Says’ public information films by Brickwall. Voice over by David Walliams (?!). Here’s a selection of concept sketches, backgrounds and characters: