Story Of Water Website Design 2017

I designed a website concept for a CGI website, as Part of the ‘Story Of Water’ project with Totally Thames, Thames Water and UTC (part of UEL). The site will be an annotated environment built by students of UTC, describing elements of the Water Cycle and Water Treatment processes. My characters (Dr Plumber, Plumber’s Mate, Broll-E, Mallard, Squeaky-Clean, Bob et al) will guide visitors around the content. A broader narrative universe has also been created around the characters, of which I will share details soon.

Okido magazine illustrations 2017

The lovely people at Okido magazine have given me the amazing opportunity to contribute  illustrations for their monthly issues. There’s been a variety of themes to date, including: Robots, Design, Spring, The Moon, Summer Holidays and next up: Time- watch this space for more!

LSE PHD Graphic Novel illustrations, 2016-2017

I’ve been working with an investment banker on illustrations for her PHD with London School of Economics. The themes are (broadly speaking) banking culture and micro-finance. Amongst more technical infographics we also worked together illustrating anecdotal moments of her life and career to inform the study. Reka has an amazing story to tell, from her childhood in Soviet Hungary, to a high level banking career in NYC/London, to her current position in the Far East, investigating the human rights of Filipino maids in Hong  Kong. Here are a few pages  (black and white, for now) from her research paper.