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LSE PHD Graphic Novel illustrations, 2016-2017

I’ve been working with an investment banker on illustrations for her PHD with London School of Economics. The themes are (broadly speaking) banking culture and micro-finance. Amongst more technical infographics we also worked together illustrating anecdotal moments of her life and career to inform the study. Reka has an amazing story to tell, from her childhood in Soviet Hungary, to a high level banking career in NYC/London, to her current position in the Far East, investigating the human rights of Filipino maids in Hong  Kong. Here are a few pages  (black and white, for now) from her research paper.


Sutton House Family Activity Book (May/June 2015)

I made a 16 page kids activity book for my local National Trust site Sutton House. I had lots of ideas but limited space and time, so kept it simple. The artwork is now being formatted by Jade Wheaton of the Cargo Collective, and will be published soon!


The Breaker’s Yard Signage (Sutton House) 2014


In the summer of 2014 I painted the signage for a new conceptual garden at The National Trust’s Sutton House. The site is a Tudor House in Hackney, where the garden was used as an industrial site for many years. The project is a collaboration between The National Trust, The House of Fairy Tales and artist and gardener Dan Lobb. I heartily recommend a visit!

Mathematics Mastery: Chalkboard Installations (Nov. 2014)

I was commissioned to decorate two rooms in an immersive theatre fund raiser and educational project for All Saints ARK Academy in South London. The project focused on Maths Mastery; a programme making leaps and bounds in the teaching of maths in schools  using visual language as it’s prime communication tool. It was my job to cover the walls with mathematical equations and diagrams. I learnt more about maths in the week I was there than I ever did in five years of secondary school!

Hampton Court Garden Design Animation

Here’s an animation for a pitch to create a child centred play garden in Hampton Court in. The brief was a collaboration between Dan Lobb, DaviesWhite and The House Of Fairy Tales. The animation was by Room 60. I drew some concept art work,  and then the assets for the first minute (i.e. the parchment/ ye olde looking intro). click the link for more details: