OKIDO Ice Workshop Mural (interactive) January 2018, London

As part of Okido magazine’s Ice themed workshop at Bermondsey’s Doodle Bar I created an interactive mural. I designed a framework of visual prompts and thematic set ups to work into, and let the children fill in the rest. The results were a wonderful whirl of creative, thought provoking, energetic, expressive and vibrant drawings, to say the least!

ARK Pop-Up Mural London December 2017

Ark Education group commissioned me to create a colour-in mural for their Pop-Up exhibition on London’s South Bank in December 2017/January 2018. The artwork was designed at my studio, then printed onto a 12ft X 8ft canvas . The colour in billboard style mural was rendered all the colours of the rainbow by the various visitors over the course of the exhibition.