‘CARTOON’: 2nd group show at Silver Cloud (July 2011)

For our second group show at Silver Cloud Joe Duggan and I focused on the associated meanings  of  the word Cartoon. We interpreted the title as something created quickly, something physically animated, or something represented in a sub-real fashion. We contacted artists working with pop culture references, materials and narratives to create a kind of socio-political commentary around the title of the show, combined with a celebration of the joys of immediacy in art.

ARTISTS: Matt Cooper, Rob Flowers, Paul Kindersley, Sarah Bridgland, Lewis & Grimes, Sonia Shiel, Nevan LaHart, Cedar Lewisohn, Josh Knowles, Jake Clarke, Lydia, Jimp and Stephen Cornford. We also showed animation showreels on loan from the Rushes Short Film Festival and BFI.

Photographs by Bohdan Cap